Delaying Solid Foods

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I want to continue breastfeeding my son after 6 months and not introduce food. Is this okay to do. Ideally I would like to only feed him breast milk for as long as possible.

Delaying Solid Foods

Many parents opt to delay introducing solid food to their exclusively breastfed babies for as long as possible. This choice is often made if there is a family history of allergies to foods. Some parents are also concerned about making sure that the baby's digestive system is completely mature before introducing solid foods.

Your baby may show an interest in solid foods when he is ready to progress. Common signs include the baby reaching for your food and watching you while you eat.

It is commonly recommended that the baby is introduced to solid foods in his sixth month. Some doctors recommend earlier than that. It is important that you discuss your options with your child's pediatrician before making a decision.



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