Breastfeeding Techniques Can Help Balance Production

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Why is it that one breast produces more milk than the other? How can the breast that produces less milk make more?

Breastfeeding Techniques Can Help Balance Production

In many women, it is common for one breast to produce more milk than the other. This happens for anatomical reasons, such as the number of milk ducts. It can also result when mom or baby has a preference for one breast over the other. While this can cause some breast size difference, it is usually not noticeable. If you are bothered by the discrepancy between the two, you can try certain techniques to increase production on the slower producing breast.

Try starting your breastfeeding sessions on the smaller breast first. This will encourage baby to thoroughly empty the breast, thus causing it to produce more milk. Also consider pumping for 5-10 minutes after a feeding, only on the side that produces less milk. Finally, try adding an additional pumping session between feedings, but only on the smaller breast.



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