Proper Latching

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Proper Latching

If you are having pain while nursing (although discomfort as you get used to nursing in the very beginning is very common) or hear oddly loud sucking noises as you nurse, your baby is probably not latched on properly. Your baby most likely is not all the way latched on. If he or she is latched on properly, their bottom lip will be all the way out and cover most of the bottom of the areola. The top lip should also be completely visible, not tucked into the mouth at all. If you do not see their lips, you must adjust the latch. By gently pulling down on the bottom lip you can usually pull it out just enough to correct the latching. If not, or you need to fix the top lip, you will most likely have to break the suction first. To break the suction, slowly insert your pinky finger into the baby's mouth until the suction breaks. If you just pull out the breast before breaking suction you can hurt yourself or the baby. Once your baby is used to latching on right he or she will do it instinctively.



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