Breastfeeding with Confidence

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How can I breastfeed in public without flashing?

Breastfeeding with Confidence

Breastfeeding in public can be a little awkward at first. While you might feel self-conscious, the reality is that probably no one is paying attention or even knows that you’re feeding your precious baby. To ensure you feel comfortable and covered, take a few extra precautions. When you first start breastfeeding, practice at home in private. Make sure your baby can easily latch on before you nurse in public. Wear breastfeeding-friendly clothes. A button-down blouse or a v-neck t-shirt are helpful and provide easy access. Always have a baby blanket or nursing cover with you. In restaurants, try to sit in a booth or at a corner table to provide coverage for your back. Drape your blanket or cover over your shoulders, the baby, and your mid-drift. Your little one won’t mind the extra coverage and you will be able to feed your little one with confidence.



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