Floating Beyond Schedules

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Do I need to feed my baby on a schedule?

Floating Beyond Schedules

During early days with your baby, when you're not trying to manage a work schedule, enjoy the floating quality of time. Nurse your baby whenever he or she is restless or fretful, without counting minutes or even really giving any thought to time.

Allow yourself to drift and daydream, letting those early days and nights wrap around you and your baby like a blanket. If the baby stays latched on for a long time, be creative with positioning so that you can read or half-nap yourself. Let your body ease into this new relationship without worrying over ounces or minutes, and you'll both enjoy the shared relaxation.

Your baby will associate eating with ease, and his or her digestion will benefit from this sense of well-being. Your ability to bond with your baby will be strengthened by finding personal coziness together.



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