MYTH-Many women do not produce enough milk

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Is it true that many women do not produce enough milk?

MYTH-Many women do not produce enough milk

The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk. Actually, an overabundance of milk is common. Most babies that gain slowly, or lose weight, do so not because the mother does not have enough milk, but because the baby does not get the milk that the mother has. The usual reason that the baby does not get the milk is the baby is poorly latched onto the breast. This is why it is so important that the mother be shown, on the first day, how to latch a baby on properly by someone who knows what they are doing.



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Unless there is an underlying medication condition, you will most likely not face not producing enough milk. Milk is made based on supply and demand. The every time your child nurses, your breast knows to fill back up, plus a little more, gradually increasing your milk supply. If you skip feedings you will start to decrease your supply. Unless your child is suffering hunger pangs, then you are producing enough for your child at this moment. As long as you nurse consistently your supply will grow with your child until you wean.


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