MYTH-Breastfeeding babies need extra Vitamin D

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Does my baby need extra Vitamin D?

MYTH-Breastfeeding babies need extra Vitamin D

Breastfeeding babies may need extra Vitamin D only in extraordinary circumstances. For example, if the mother herself was Vitamin D deficient during the pregnancy. The baby stores Vitamin D during the pregnancy, and a little outside exposure, on a regular basis, gives the baby all the Vitamin D he/she needs.



4/11/2009 4:49:35 PM
Linda Bubeck IBCLC, RLC said:

As of November 1st, 2008 the AAP recommends 400 IU daily beginning in the first few days of life. This helps protect baby's future bone health. There is nothing wronq with mother's milk. Its the need to protect ourselves from overexposure to the sun and subsequent skin cancer. We can't get our Vitamin D the old fashioned way.


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