Calorie Content of Breast Milk

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How many calories does breast milk have?

Calorie Content of Breast Milk

Breastmilk is calculated as having 20 calories per ounce. High calorie formulas, containing 24-27 calories per ounce, are frequently advised for use in compromised babies. Human Milk Fortifier (HMF), developed for use with premature infants, is often used as a “filler” when an infant is being tube-fed expressed breastmilk. HMF is cow's milk based and may cause an allergic reaction. A full term baby on HMF may also need to be monitored for electrolyte imbalances because they don't have the same nutritional deficiencies as preemies.Another commonly used filler is Polycose.It is basically a simple carbohydrate, but may also cause allergic reactions. Various studies have concluded that the caloric content of human milk varies from mother to mother.



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