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iPhone application-Total Baby

Technology is on the side of the nursing mother. The iPhone has a new application out called Total Baby which helps mothers keep track of how often they nurse, for what amount of time, and even which breast is used with a few quick clicks. It also helps mothers keep track of diapers and diapering. For busy modern moms, this tool can be a true asset.


Breastfeeding nutrition

Just as you were taking a regular dose of prenatal vitamins during, and possibly before your pregnancy, you should continue taking them while you nurse. If you are on prescription prenatal vitamins your healthcare provider can extend the prescription for up to a year after your child is born if you make them aware that you are nursing. If you are using over the counter vitamins, this will work too. If you wish to breastfeed past one year and your prescription runs out, the over-the-counter vitamins are a great substitute. Your post-pregnancy diet may be low in certain nutrients and these vitamins can fortify your milk to be at its best quality while making sure to take care of you at the same time.

How can friends help after the birth?

Help around the House

Arrange for family and friends to help around the house during the first few weeks after birth. Newborns need to feed alot and you will not have the energy to be worrying about housework. If someone asks you what can they do to help, don't be afraid to answer them honestly.

How should I prepare my partner for breast feeding?

Prepare Your Partner

Make sure your partner is supportive of breastfeeding. Have him read all he can, so that he knows about how important this is for both you and your baby.

How can I prepare for breast feeding?

Speak With Your Employer

If you plan to return to work while you are still working, negotiate with your employer while are pregnant to arrange a pumping schedule and an appropriate place to pump.

How can I prepare for breast feeding?

Breast Feeding Classes

Consider taking a breastfeeding class offered by many hospitals and clinics.


Setting the Mood

As your newborn transitions to more mature infancy they become more and more aware of the world around them, including noise and flashing screens. Being aware of all the commotion going on around them can be quite distracting. You might find your good nurser to suddenly latch on and off constantly instead of feeding until full. Try and give your baby a more peaceful nursing environment by eliminating these distractors. You can put on soothing music, or none at all. Ask toddler siblings to leave the room, or whatever else is distracting your little one and make it quality time for just you and baby.


Bebe Au Lait Nursing Gear

There are many kinds of slings and other useful devices on the market today. However a new item is now out called Bebe Au Lait, which is geared toward nursing mothers. It is a sling in the way it holds baby in place, but also has a rounded open top perfect for mothers to peep down at their babies all while keeping discreet.


Which Bra is Best?

Nursing bras are great at being comfortable and discreet when you are with your baby to nurse, but they are not always the most supportive or even pretty. For those who prefer more coverage or worry about portruding, nursing bras leave them feeling unprotected. Fortunately, non-nursing bras are still an option. To avoid the need for nursing pads, use a bra that is slightly padded. Even if you have leakage, it will not likely seep through the bra, however you might find yourself washing bras more often than before. To pump or nurse with these bras you can always lift your breast up over the cup itself. Be careful when doing this so as not to stretch the bra too much. Staying in your comfort zone will keep you nursing longer.

What are the affects of breastfeeding a toddler and taking the mini pill?

Breastfeeding and Birth Control

When breastfeeding a new baby or a toddler, it is important to research the various drugs you consume, including birth control. Eventually, most medications do end up within the lactating mother's milk. Ideally, the breastfeeding mom should consult her doctor, pharmacist' and pediatrician before utilizing any type of birth control drug.

That said, the progestin only “mini pill” is the birth control that is considered the best to try during breastfeeding. Administering birth control as a pill verses an injection is preferred to decrease the concentration the baby will receive. Also, consider when you take your birth control pill as that can reduce the absorption in the breast milk. Always take any type of medication immediately after nursing and/or before a long stretch of sleep, if possible.

Keep in mind that breastfeeding is well established if nursing a toddler, and the progestin hormone should not interfere with milk supply. It is the estrogen in other types of birth control pills that decreases milk supply and thus makes nursing more difficult. The only potential discussion is how comfortable you are with your child receiving additional hormones from your milk supply. At this time, there is no known research indicating any connection between progestin intake by a breastfeeding mom negatively impacting a baby or toddler. If you have concerns about nursing while consuming birth control hormones, there are many other birth control options that will have absolutely no effect on your baby, like condoms, IUDs and diaphragms.

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