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Pain in the First Week

First-time nursers tend to be surprised to find that in the beginning nursing does hurt. If it hurts (as a new nursing mother) beyond the first few seconds though, it is likely due to improper latching. For the first week or two your nipples must adjust to the strain. Many suffer chapping. You can use products like Lasinoh to ease the discomfort, but make sure to get through it. You will get over this hump and find that once you are used to it, nursing is pleasant for you and baby.


Jealous Older Sibling?

When you nurse your second child, your first child, if still small, may get quite jealous. They might try to pull the baby away from you, or when they have you to themselves, have developed a new curiosity for your chest. Do not punish your older child who has been weaned for wanting that closeness with you again. However, if your child is weaned, you should not allow them to reinitiate nursing either. Even if they are young, talk to your child about the baby feeding and about how the older child did do this once too. Now is the older child's chance to be a big boy or girl and to help you by allowing you to nurse the new child. They can sit by your side while you nurse and still be part of the process.

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