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Pumping in the Car

Apparently even breast pump technology is booming, making life for working nursing mothers easier as new tools develop. One such tool makes pumping even in the car, not only a possibility but a reality. The pumping band looks almost like a white Ace bandage made with elastic. It can be pulled up over the breast area. There is a hole for each nipple. The user must then attach their pump (car charger for the pump is necessary or to have a battery powered pump) to their breasts under the pumping band. The band will hold the pump in place so that you can pump, hands-free while driving! Just pull your shirt over the pump and band, and you will be discreetly efficient on the go.


How to Prevent Flashing

Most breastfeeding mothers know that throwing a baby blanket over your shoulder is an easy way to cover up in public. Yet, when your older nursing child wants to see you, they may pull it right off, exposing you to passers-by. The easiest way to prevent this is to use your bra-strap to hold the blanket it. Simply pull one corner of the blanket under your bra strap and back out. You'll feel a lot more comfortable flashing strap than flashing your chest.

Is breastfeeding in public illegal?

You need not nurse in the restroom!

You have every right to nurse your baby anywhere you and your baby have the right to be. Do not hide in an unsanitary bathroom unless YOU want to. Truthfully, less people will know you are nursing if you are relaxed and confident.

How do I nurse in public?

Practice makes perfect, even while breastfeeding

If you are afraid to breastfeed in public for fear of showing some skin, try nursing in front of a mirror to perfect your "technique." Try different shirts, even slings or blankets until YOU are comfortable.

What if I´m afraid to nurse in public?

Not ready to come out?

If you truly are uncomfortable nursing in public, there are alternatives to sitting in a public restroom. A fitting room, a secluded table in a restaurant, or any other quiet area can offer privacy without the smells and sounds of the bathroom.

Do any products make breastfeeding more discreet?

A sling is a marvelous thing!

Not only is a baby sling a comfortable way to carry your baby, it is also ideal for breastfeeding without showing any skin. With practice, you can actually walk through the grocery store while baby nurses comfortably and privately.

How can I breastfeed in public without flashing?

Breastfeeding with Confidence

Breastfeeding in public can be a little awkward at first. While you might feel self-conscious, the reality is that probably no one is paying attention or even knows that you’re feeding your precious baby. To ensure you feel comfortable and covered, take a few extra precautions. When you first start breastfeeding, practice at home in private. Make sure your baby can easily latch on before you nurse in public. Wear breastfeeding-friendly clothes. A button-down blouse or a v-neck t-shirt are helpful and provide easy access. Always have a baby blanket or nursing cover with you. In restaurants, try to sit in a booth or at a corner table to provide coverage for your back. Drape your blanket or cover over your shoulders, the baby, and your mid-drift. Your little one won’t mind the extra coverage and you will be able to feed your little one with confidence.


Protecting Your Privacy

People are nosy. If you need to get away to nurse or pump, it is really no one's business why you might need an extra break or to clear a room. If asked, instead of going into detail which might nake you uncomfortable, for example people asking you if the baby is with you when you pull out bottles or bring out a big handbag, you can use some of the following vague explanations: motherly duties, private time or even medical issuesor medical needs. Using these phrases gives the listener the idea that you do not want to talk about it with them without being rude.

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