Transitioning to the Crib

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I am ready to stop nursing my 19 month old daughter. She nurses all night long basically in my bed and can rarely fall asleep with out being attached. What can i do to get her used to her crib? When i put her in there I make it comfy and spend time in the room with her but if i try to leave she scre

Transitioning to the Crib

Moving from your bed to the crib is a huge, frightening change for your little one. You may not want to try to make the change all at once.

Try introducing her to her crib during naptime. Once she is able to fall asleep in the crib on her own she may be ready for a night-time trial.

Setting up a sleeping area next to her crib may provide a nice segue for her. You can try leaving the room after she is sound asleep or you can sleep next to her.

However, it does seem as if the fundamental problem is that she is using you as a human pacifier. Once she is weaned she may make the transition from your bed to her crib a little easier.



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