Breastfeeding Can Safely Continue When Mom is Sick

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Can you breastfeed if you have flu/cold type symptons?

Breastfeeding Can Safely Continue When Mom is Sick

Most illnesses do not necessitate the cessation of breastfeeding. During an illness like the common cold, flu, fever or stomach flu, you can continue to nurse your baby without worrying that it will make the child sick. Although your breast milk will not transmit your illness to your baby, it does pass on antibodies that can help baby ward off the infection.

Maintaining your nursing schedule while you are sick is the best way to help your baby stay healthy, while at the same time maintaining your milk supply.

If you visit your doctor while you are sick, be sure to remind him that you are breastfeeding. This knowledge will help him prescribe medications that are safe for nursing moms and babies. It is also important to do your best to stay hydrated. Illness and dehydration can both decrease milk supply, as can certain medications. Even some over-the-counter medications, like antihistamines, can affect your milk production.



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