Weaning Gradually

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Weaning Gradually

Some recommend you gradually wean a child, cutting one nursing session down per week, few couple of days. This way tends to be less traumatic for both mother and child and leads to a slow acceptance of the new stage of mother/child relationship. The child will still be likely to cry when they want to nurse, as nursing is also a comforting tool, yet the weaning mother must stick to her goal of cutting down the feeding. The child should be offered something in place of the breast such as a bottle (which can be breastmilk if you see fit if you wish to keep your supply to donate) or another drink. The child is used to having nourishment at this time. What you want to cut is the nursing, not the nourishment. Over a month or two you will have eventually weaned your child. The child will rarely ever initiate this process, so be sure you are ready to begin the weaning process as inconsistency will not help either party.



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