Going 'Cold Turkey'

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Going 'Cold Turkey'

Although not the most highly recommended method of weaning, many mothers still choose to wean 'cold turkey' or all at once. This can be caused by a sickness that the mother is concerned about or if the mother is tired of getting bitten by a toothy toddler. Going 'cold turkey' can be difficult for both mother and child. The child will naturally cry and reach for the mother to nurse. Do not refuse to cuddle or comfort your child, but do refuse them the breast if you are sure you are weaning. Do not confuse the child by inconsistency if you are planning on quitting in one fair shot. You can offer a bottle if you wish, but be prepared for a good cry from both your child and possibly yourself. You should also be prepared for engorgement. If you quit all at once you will likely get engorged. Your breasts will swell painfully and you will be tempted to express the milk. Expressing the milk will only make you produce more. The process of drying up your milk will take a week or two of discomfort. Using warm compresses could make your breasts leak, so try cold instead. Be ready to grin and bear it. Also be ready for your shirts to fit very tightly until you have dried up. The pain should be from the swelling, possibly with itching, but you should not have shooting pains or a fever. If you get a fever, extreme headaches or shooting pain, contact your doctor to make sure you have not developed mastitis.



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