Your Wrist Position Matters

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How can I prevent tendinitis when breastfeeding?

Your Wrist Position Matters

When breastfeeding, many moms use the same hand and wrist positions every time they feed their baby. These positions are the most comfortable and natural, so it is normal for them to be used repeatedly. However, if used repeatedly, tendinitis may occur. Tendinitis is a painful condition which can take several months to heal. Healing the condition also requires limited movement of the hand and wrist, which can make continuing to breastfeed very challenging.

To prevent this, moms should switch their hand and wrist positions frequently when breastfeeding. Even the smallest tweaks can prevent the condition from occurring. Move the wrist slightly up or down. Put the fingers together instead of spreading them. The simple tweaks will help the mother use different tendons and muscles instead of always relying on the same ones.



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