Easy Care for Cracked or Dry Nipples

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What can I do to heal or soothe dry or cracked nipples?

Easy Care for Cracked or Dry Nipples

Many nursing mothers have been discouraged and even stopped nursing due to the pain caused by dry and cracked nipples. When nipples are in this condition, severe pain can result when an infant latches on to the breast to feed. This is relatively normal but not always mentioned by the doctor after the birth of a child.

The constant sucking of a nursing child and presence of digestive saliva can cause the breast to dry and crack. The best cream to apply is a natural lanolin. It can be found at any local pharmacy where baby bottles are sold. When the infant is done nursing, simply wipe the breast clean and dry and apply lanolin to the nipple area generously. Use nursing pads to protect clothing from lanolin. Next time the infant latches onto the breast to feed, the pain will be minimal to nonexistent. The lanolin will moisturize and heal the nipples.



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