Things to consider when weaning

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What do I need to consider when weaning my child?

Things to consider when weaning

Weaning is a very personal decision and one that should not be made lightly. Breast feeding is really important. It is where children receive most of their nurturing. When considering whether it is time to wean, you need to think about what you will do to replace nursing in your child's life. Has your child lost the urge to suck? It is widely accepted that it important for this urge to be fulfilled. You need to consider how you feel and how your baby feels about nursing.



1/8/2008 7:53:08 PM
Tish said:

My baby is 16 months and very attached to her "ninny" I want to wean her because it is very difficult for me to sleep and feed her at night. Also all her teeth are in, in the front and sometimes it hurts and leaves marks in my nipple. My husband and I both are exhausted but the child is VERY attached. She's the youngest of 3. I want to wean her off nursing constantly through the night so I'm going to try substituting a pacifier at night. Pray for me.


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